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Agitators and Mixers - Graco and ITW Binks, adhesive, coating, paint and sealant mixers and fluid agitators.

CH Reed is the authorized sales, service and warranty distributor for the complete lines of Binks and Graco air operated and electric agitators and mixers. Designed for a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications, our agitator and fluid mixer lines evenly mix and suspend solvent based, waterborne and other fluids, in a wide range of viscosities.


Binks Paint and Coating Agitators - Fluid Mixers

ITW Binks manufactures an extensive line of coating, paint and sealant agitators, including air driven direct drive, back geared and electric.

Binks agitators are available in hand operated, or 5 gallon through bulk tank mixers. The materials of construction include, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel wetted parts.

In addition to pail and bung mount agitation, the ITW Binks family of agitators includes drum cover, stand and mix tank mounting hardware.

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More Information:

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Graco Agitators and Mixers 

Graco offers complete line of superior coating, paint, sealant and adhesive agitators:

  • Choose from a wide range of models
  • Graco agitators are built for long-life, corrosion-resistance and structural integrity
  • NEW - Twistork’s patented, helix-shaped mixing blades are threaded through a closed-head drum’s standard bung opening
  • Heavy-duty agitator features a lube-free gear assembly, eliminating fluid contamination
  • The quality of Graco agitators is consistent anywhere in the world to assure uniform installation, performance, service support and long-life

Graco's Family of Agitators

  • 5, 10, 15, 55 gallon direct drive and back geared agitators
  • Bung and drum mount agitators
  • Low shear electric drive
  • Mix and batch tank mount agitation



More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.

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