GCI manipulator arms are fully pneumatic and offer fully variable speed thumb lever lift controls on all machines and balancer lift controls on most machines.

  • Capacities to 150 lbs
  • Capacities to 650 lbs

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Torque Arms

GCI torque arms have standard torque reaction up to 4,000 ft-lbs and are available with multiple tool mounting options. They also have an encoded SmartARM for critical torque sequence applications.

  • IPT Series Arms, Torques to 200 ft-lbs
  • Torque Tubes, Torques to 300 ft-lbs
  • Large Torque Arms, Torques to 3,000 ft-lbs
  • SmartARM, Position Sensing Torque Arm

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Other Products

  • Stackers
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Articulating Jibs
  • Vacuum Ends
  • Grippers

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