HeatSink Cycling Dryers

ZEKS HeatSink Cycling Dryers ensure electrical energy consumption in proportion to actual demand for dried compressed air.  The dryer refrigeration system automatically cycles on and off to maintain stored cooling energy in a cold thermal storage module.

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ZEKS Heatsink Dryer

Heatsink 10-125 SCFM

  • Cycling Operation For Energy Savings
  • Multi-Layer Heat Exchanger with Precooler/Reheater
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Digital Controller
  • Timed Solenoid drain

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HeatSink 150-2400 SCFM

  • 38°F(3.3 C) pressure dew point
  • 3.0 psid or less pressure drop
  • Stainless steel CFX heat exchangers
  • DPC Digital Performance Controller (200-2,400)
  • Durable, modular construction
  • Reliable components for long service life
  • Timed electric solenoid drain

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High Pressure Cycling Dryer

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