ARO AFX 5 Gallon Pumps

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best total value in our service, repair, products or turn-key system solutions, enhancing their production assembly, finishing, or compressor operations to their peak performance.

ARO CLX Packages

When portability is a must for light to medium viscosity (less than 50,000 cPs) extrusion, ARO CLX Packages with the cart-mounted lift / follower plate allows for easy container changeover.

  • CL0409A91XXXXXXX

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ARO CMX Packages

ARO CMX Packages are popular in airless spray applications. They feature a high pressure pump, air control, material filter, and suction hose that are all mounted on a heavy duty cart.

  • CM0430G11XXXXXXX
  • CM0645G11XXXXXXX
  • CM0660G11XXXXXXX

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ARO SPX Packages

Ideal for medium to heavy viscosity extrusion, ARO SPX Packages single post ram pump, follower plate, and controls allows for easy container changeover while providing industry leading downforce during operation.

  • SP0423S21XXXXXXX
  • SP0623S21XXXXXXX
  • SP0646S21XXXXXXX
  • SP0665S21XXXXXXX

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ARO TPX Packages

ARO TPX Packages feature a two-post ram, pump, follower plate, and controls designed for high-viscosity applications when max downforce is required.

  • TP0411G21XXXXXXX
  • TP0423S21XXXXXXX
  • TP0443S21XXXXXXX
  • TP0623S21XXXXXXX
  • TP0646S21XXXXXXX
  • TP0665S21XXXXXXX
  • TP0844S21XXXXXXX


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