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Spray Painting Equipment


Spray Painting Equipment - Air, electric and gas operated spray painting equipment from Binks, DeVilbiss, Graco, Nordson, Paasche and Accuspray.

CH Reed proudly provides Binks, Graco, DeVilbiss, Nordson, Paasche and Accuspray spray equipment products for a wide range of industrial, contracting and vehicle refinish applications.

Select from HVLP, Air Spray, Air Assisted or Airless spray equipment packages that are designed to plug-n-go.


Air Spray, HVLP Spray Painting Equipment

CH Reed supplies the complete lines of Graco, Binks, DeVilbiss, Paache and Accuspray, manual and automatic HVLP and air spray paint finishing products. Our family of finishing tools are applied throughout the globe in virtually all types of automated or manual painting, sealant or other spray applications.

Our lines include:

  • Air spray guns
  • HVLP guns
  • Air brush equipment
  • Spray accessories

To learn more about a specific brand, select the link manufacturer below or their product manuals in the PDF area.

  • Graco spray equipment
  • Binks spray finishing
  • DeVilbiss finishing tools
  • Paasche air brush equipment (please contact us).

You can trust C.H. Reed to provide the right solution for your spray finishing application, every time!

More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.


Air Assisted Airless Spray

Air assisted airless spray technology uses a pump sprayer to create high flow and atomization. The fan pattern is then further atomized and shaped by a small amount of atomizing air. With it's higher flow rates and improved transfer efficiency, Graco or ITW Binks manufacture complete lines of air assisted airless spray packages for a wide variety of industrial or automotive finishing applications.

Sprayer Models

  • 5 gallon pail systems
  • Wall mount packages
  • Siphon tube systems
  • 55 gallon drum pumps
  • Tote tank circulating pumps


More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.


Binks and Graco Air Operated Airless Painting

Manufactured in Minneapolis Minnesota, Graco products are recognized for their innovation, quality, design and durability. Graco moves, measures, mixes and sprays all types of fluids including paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives, chemicals, food products, pharmaceuticals and more...

Graco Xtreme outperforms all other sprayers in its class
Dependable, high-performance airless spray packages for the toughest protective coatings applications.

Effectively handles a wide variety of materials such as anti-corrosion and architectural coatings, coal tar epoxies, waterborne and fire retardant coatings, urethanes and zinc-rich primers.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer life packings and displacement rods reduce pump downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Easy to service Xtreme lower cuts labor time in half
  • Superior performance with the highest viscosity coatings
  • Fluid pressures up to 7400 psi (283 bar, 28.3 MPa)
  • Perfect for applications where high pressure, long hoses or multiple spray guns are necessary

Binks Spray Packages

Typical Applications:

Binks spray packages are used in low to medium to high pressure spray applications with light to medium viscosity coatings. Binks pumps supply air assist Airless and low pressure Airless operations. Pumps can also be used in a circulating system or a dead end system.

Outfit Includes Infinity, B8-D Pump Assembly, Fluid and Air Controls, Siphon Kit, Hoses and Binks Mach 35L Air Assist Airless Spray Gun.

More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.


Graco Electric Powered Sprayers

Graco sprayers delivers reliability and performance
If you work on small to medium residential or rental properties on a weekly basis, the 190ES is the ideal choice for a multi-purpose sprayer. Its user-friendly design and ability to handle up to 1000 gallons annually make it an outstanding choice for handymen, remodelers, general contractors, and small professional painting contractors.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-proven pump outlasts competitive units by 65%
  • Professional-Grade Dura DC motor has the longest life in its class
  • Helical Drive System offers quiet operation
  • Non-Stick SwivelHose with Metal Suction Tube easily accommodates 1- to
  • 5-gallon (3.8 to 19 L) pails
  • Controls are conveniently located on one side

More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.


Graco Gas Powered Spray Equipment

Graco leads the pack in the development, assortment, innovation and performance of gas powered airless spray systems. Recognized as the market leader, Graco manufactures a complete family of portable paint sprayers.

Still the Leader. Now Even Better!
Graco introduces innovations to make the GMAX product line better than ever!

Features and Benefits

  • Revolutionary ProConnect System
  • The Industry's Best Gas/Electric Convertible
  • Chrome Over Steel Frame
  • Endurance Pump
  • Widest and Best Selection of Gas Mechanical Sprayers Available

More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.


Graco FinishPro TurboForce HVLP Turbine Spray Systems.

Graco's Turbine HVLP Spray systems are self contained spray packages designed for low to medium production finishing applications.

Graco TurboForce HVLP, the next generation turbine technology that delivers the most optimized air pressure and air flow combination. For contractor fine finishing applications on site or in the shop. The TurboForce come in three packages, all featuring a tool box design that includes the Graco TurboForce Turbine, Hose Rack, a Graco Edge Siphon Feed Spray Gun, and Accessories. All Fit inside the tool box for storage and easy transportation.

Features and Benefits

  • Graco TurboForce Technology blower delivers 30% more performance over competitors
  • Dual Filtration System that extends motor life and ensures high quality finishes
  • HVLP Edge Siphon Feed Spray Gun is included
  • Utility Toolbox Design houses the Turbine, Air Filters, Spray Gun and Accessories
  • Portable Design allows for onsite, Indoor, and outdoor jobs quick and easy

  1. Easy-Access Controls
  2. One Air Cap fits all fluid sets
  3. Industrial packings with external adjustments
  4. EasyGlide Trigger
  5. Exclusive Duckbill Check Valve
  6. Adjustable Siphon Tube

Maximize your spraying performance.

From the excellent spraying control of the guns to the high performance of the turbines to the efficiency of the filtration, Graco's HVLP sprayers provide outstanding finish quality!

More Information:

Select the link to view more information on the available products.

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