Assembler of Aerial Lift Trucks

Environmental Case Study

This customer needed to increase their production throughput in their painting process while reducing material and labor costs. They also wanted to convert from costly gallon containers to a 55 gallon drum application while maintaining a cleaner and safer work area. To eliminate the labor intensive & messy process of hand mixing (hot potting), C.H. Reed introduced them to Graco’s ProMix 2KS two component paint system with accurate ratio assurance for a superior finish quality. We also replaced over 95% of their one gallon paint containers with 55 gallon drums, drum agitators and an air operated elevator. On top of that, their electrostatic guns were upgraded to the much more efficient Graco 85KV spray gun, giving them maximum paint transfer efficiencies. Lastly, C.H. Reed eliminated one gallon solvent purging by installing two 55 gallon drums of solvent then changed out their solvent reclaim system.  By doing so, it fixed the solvent reclaiming bottleneck issue by 75% resulting in more efficient production times and less material waste.