Assembly Group

The Assembly Group at C. H. Reed provides a wide assortment of sustainable solutions pertaining to your Assembly, material handling, ergonomic, and tool needs. Providing complete system analysis, C H Reed can help you stay ahead of production demands.

Critical Fastening Solutions

Critical fastening is an important and intricate part of every plant’s manufacturing process. C.H. Reed carries the best DC Power Tools from the top brands. To keep your production line operating smooth and efficiently, C.H. Reed will partner with you to provide the best possible fastening solutions to meet and exceed your goals.

Torque Wrenches / Auditing & Measurement

When measuring and recording proper torque in your assembly operation, accuracy and versatility are vital parts of the process. C.H. Reed provides you the high precision solution in assuring proper torque specifications with data collection capabilities.

Assembly and General Industrial Tools

C.H. Reed can help with all your assembly and general industrial tooling needs. From pneumatic impact wrenches and drills to all the cordless, state-of-the-art industrial tools.  We have a strong understanding of the types of jobs these tools are called on to perform.  You can rely on us to provide the most durable, energy efficient industrial tools on the market.

Surface Prep

The single most important function that influences how well a finished coating will perform is the quality of surface preparation.  C.H. Reed can help you gain that ultimate quality in your finished piece with a wide array of surface prep tools.


It’s been proven that ergonomically designed workstations can improve individual productivity by up to 20%.  Lowering one’s stress and fatigue can greatly improve product quality.  C.H. Reed can help you improve your facility’s productivity, reduce lost work days, and meet government regulations with these ergonomically designed systems.

Material Handling & Ergonomics

Effective material handling and ergonomic equipment can greatly lower the physical demands of any kind of task, thereby lowering the incidence and severity of injuries in the workplace.  The potential for reducing injuries alone make material handling and ergonomic equipment a useful tool for improving productivity and product quality.

Assembly Accessories

C.H. Reed offers complete lines of assembly and tooling accessories to help you maintain productivity throughout your plant.  From fastening accessories, workstation, to air accessories, C.H. Reed can help you stay on track.