AIMCO Air Tools

C.H. Reed provides the complete line of AIMCO Air Tools including pulse, nutrunners, screwdrivers, general assembly and finishing air tools. Whether your looking for a single air tool or a complete assembly tools solution, C.H. Reed is the right source for all of your AIMCO Air Tool needs.

Pulse Tools

AIMCO Pulse Tools combine the speed of an impact with the repeatability of a shut-off nutrunner. A sealed chamber is filled with hydraulic fluid. As the chamber rotates after seating, the hydraulic pressure generated produces torque to tighten the fastener. The fluid also absorbs the torque reaction, noise and vibration for increased ergonomics.

You can trust C.H. Reed to provide the right solution for your air regulation application, every time! Select the catalog below or contact us for more specific information.

  • Pistol Tools – Shutoff
  • Pistol Tools – Non-Shutoff
  • Inline Tools – Shutoff
  • Inline Tools – Non-Shutoff
  • Angle Tools – Shutoff
  • Angle Tools – Non-Shutoff
  • Stud Bolt

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AIMCO Pulse Tools


AIMCO Screwdrivers are specially designed for your application and operator. The patented LT clutch design provides accurate and consistent shut-off at your required torque. A broad range of torque capacities and tool styles within the series ensures the right tool for virtual screw-driving application. Available in Push-to-Start and Lever Start styles. Lightweight, compact housings ensure operator comfort during operation. Features precise controlled fastening with automatic shut-off clutches. Some models are available as Low ESD styles featuring carbonized housings. The handle material and buttons are constructed of carbonized plastic throughout, enabling any charge received by the handle to be routed to ground.

  • Screwdrivers – Pneumatic
  • Screwdrivers – Electric

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The AIMCO Nutrunner’s low reaction force characteristics on hard joints make it comfortable for the operator to use. Motor torque is transferred from a gear-griven, dual lobed cam that pushes a spring loaded push rod, rotating the socket one tooth at a time. Designed for tubenut fastening, the UOW Series can transfer torque through a variety of options. Useful in non-critical applications where stall torque is required.For stall torque application where record keeping is essential.

  • Nutrunners – Pneumatic
  • Nutrunners – Electric

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AIMCO Nutrunner

General Assembly And Finishing

The AIMCO General Assembly And Finishing Tools are powerful and fast, light and compact, and are tough tools for a smooth finish. Variety of drive sizes and torque ranges to meet application needs in many industries. A wide range of speeds for various applications. Ruggedly designed for mounted wheels and carbide burrs, are ideal for rapid metal removal or precise finishing. Well-balanced orbital action achieves smooth scratch-free finish on any type of material. Slow hitting heavy blow gives just the right impact to form a rivet without excessive work or damage to the surrounding metal.

  • Impacts
  • Drills
  • Grinders
  • Sanders
  • Riveters
  • Miscellaneous

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AIMCO General Assembly And Finishing

AIMCO Pulse Tools

You can apply the advantages of pulse tools in many ways to reduce production costs and increase profits.

  • Productivity - Combining high operating speeds with one-handed operation. AIMCO pulse tools such as the AIMCO Pistol and AIMCO In-line Tools help manufacturers produce at the highest possible rates.
  • Ergonomics - Light weight, low vibration and no torque reaction makes AIMCO pulse tools the safest assembly tools available for threaded assembly.
  • Reliability - Advances in design and AIMCO's extensive maintenance and training programs add up to years of low cost service from any AIMCO pulse tool.
  • Quality - AIMCO pulse tools offer the most repeatable torque and clamp load results of any AIMCO pistol tool, AIMCO in-line Tool, and mayn more, guaranteeing high product quality for manufacturers.