AIMCO Cordless Tools

Adjustable Clutch, Impact, Pulse Tools Aimco Cordless Tools can be used when compress air or electricity is unavailable or impractical. It eliminates installation costs typically involved with air or electric tools. Tools can instantly be transferred from location to location. In addition, cordless tools increase productivity in areas where corded electric or air tools with hoses hinder efficiency. Cordless tools also help in gaining greater access in tight spaces or inside applications.

Signature Series Cordless Tools

Signature Series Cordless Tools

  • Simple to use, yet superior in performance, AIMCO’s Signature Series tools provide the quality and reliability required to meet the needs of today’s cordless tool applications.
  • Signature Series cordless tools provide repeatable torque performance ranging from .8–120 Nm (.6–89 ft-lb). Ergonomic handle design provides optimal balance and comfort to the operator.
  • Li-Ion battery technologies and high efficiency tool motors provide more fastening cycles per battery charge.


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Cordless Pulse Tools

AIMCO’s Cordless Pulse Tools are used for critical assembly of screws on torque control applications. It can be used when a pneumatic pulse tool or angle nut runner is inconvenient. They can be best utilized when used on hard or medium joints. They deliver high speed. They virtually eliminate torque reaction felt by the operator with the pulse mechanism. There are a few hard parts to replace or maintain.

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AIMCO Cordless Pulse Tools

AIMCO AcraDyne Cordless Tools

AIMCO AcraDyne Cordless Tools


  • Torque Range
    • Pistol Tool: 1.5–14 Nm
    • Angle Tool: 1.5–120 Nm
    • Straight Tool: 1.5–14 Nm
  • Transducerized for precise delivery of torque and angle to the fastener
  • Self-contained with on-board control
  • Load tool programming software through USB cable interface
  • Programmable
    • Torque
    • Angle
    • RPM
    • Time
    • Fastening direction
  • Multicolor LED status screen
  • Vibration alarm handle provides tactile feedback
  • 100 PSET
  • Six step, multi-stage job functionality
  • 50,000 results stored on-board.


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Main Reasons for Selecting Proper Pulse Tools

Selecting the right pulse tools for the job is important. Selecting the incorrect tool can impact production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality, product reliability, and profitability

  • Speed
  • Low torque feedback
  • Sturdiness
  • Power
  • Low noise
  • Minimal vibration
Pulse Tools