Cleco Tools

Cleco's lineup of pneumatic assembly tools is among the most broad and full-featured on today's market.  They are suitable for a wide range of assembly and repair operations and with up to 3,000 different configurations, it is easy to find the right tool for your specific application.

Cleco Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Cleco fabricates a full range of both inline and pistol grip pneumatic screwdrivers, proper for light-to-heavy duty assembly applications in the automotive, white goods, aerospace and many other industries.  With numerous selections available, including various reversing methods and clutch styles, handle types and accessories, there’s a Cleco screwdriver that will meet the definite needs of your assembly process.  To learn the specifics of each, click the brochure below and reference pages 2 – 14.

Inline Screwdrivers

  • 19 Series
  • 88 Series
  • 8 Series

Pistol Grip

  • Clutch
  • Stall


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Cleco Pneumatic Nutrunners

Upholding precise torque levels is critical in most assembly operations. To better suit the needs of a wide range of customers throughout all industries, Cleco offers pneumatic nutrunners with two torque control options:

  • Clecomatic Clutch-Style Control — The Clecomatic System is an advanced clutch control that allows users to select the desired level of torque for a task with precision accuracies. Once that torque level is reached, the tool shuts off immediately.
  • Stall Control —More traditional stall control nutrunners rely on fastener resistance to prevent over-torqueing.
    • Cleco Nutrunner Types
      • Angle nutrunners
      • Pulse nutrunners
      • Reaction bar nutrunners
      • Specialty nutrunners

Designed from the ground up to be more flexible, more accurate, more powerful and easier to work with, there’s a Cleco nutrunner available for practically every assembly application. To learn more about Cleco’s wide-ranging nutrunner offerings along with different accessories, reference pages 15 – 39.


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Cleco Pulse Tools

Cleco pulse tools incorporate multiple innovations that are calculated to help you work more efficiently. Nutrunners are presented with a high-precision shutoff mechanism for superior (Six Sigma compliant) error-proofing.  Other noteworthy features include a patented double-chambered pulse unit that shrinks maintenance requirements, as well as an improved tool end with axial force protection.

From top to bottom, Cleco pulse tools have been designed for end-user comfort, with low noise and vibration levels, and ergonomic, easy-to-use controls. TO learn more details, check out pages 48 – 52 in the brochure.

  • H-Series Pistol Grip Shut-Off Models
  • C-Series Pistol Grip Shut-Off Models
  • C-Series Pistol Grip Shut-Off Models – Trigger Throttle
  • In-Line – Push-to-Start
  • H-Series Pistol Grip – Non Shut-Off Models
  • High Torque Pistol Grip – Non Shut-Off Models


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Cleco Impact Wrenches

Cleco Impact Wrenches are built to deliver exceptional performance in any job and application. With numerous product offerings and a wide range of different configurations, it’s easy to find the right impact for your task at hand. All of Cleco’s products feature an industry-leading mixture of performance, ergonomics and durability — everything you need to increase production and keep your team working more efficiently.  Refer to pages 54 – 57 in the brochure below for more information.

  • Spade Handle
  • Pistol Grip


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