Cleco Pneumatic Nutrunners

Upholding precise torque levels is critical in most assembly operations. To better suit the needs of a wide range of customers throughout all industries, Cleco offers pneumatic nutrunners with two torque control options:
  • Clecomatic Clutch-Style Control — The Clecomatic System is an advanced clutch control that allows users to select the desired level of torque for a task with precision accuracies. Once that torque level is reached, the tool shuts off immediately.
  • Stall Control —More traditional stall control nutrunners rely on fastener resistance to prevent over-torqueing.
    • Cleco Nutrunner Types
      • Angle nutrunners
      • Pulse nutrunners
      • Reaction bar nutrunners
      • Specialty nutrunners
Designed from the ground up to be more flexible, more accurate, more powerful and easier to work with, there’s a Cleco nutrunner available for practically every assembly application. To learn more about Cleco's wide-ranging nutrunner offerings along with different accessories, reference pages 15 - 39.