Air Tools

For more than 100 years, professionals have relied on Ingersoll Rand Air Tools for quality and performance on the toughest jobs.

Industrial Production Impactools

  • “From 3/8” drive to 2-1/2” drives, IR offers manufacturing impact wrenches that can hold up to your toughest jobs.  With durability, innovative ergonomics, and proprietary hardening and treatment processes in mind, Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Production Impactools can hold up to the toughest industrial applications in the world.”

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Production Fastening and Drilling

“Compact size, ergonomics, excellent power-to-weight ratios, and durability differentiate the Ingersoll Rand Production Fastening and Drilling line of assembly tools for production and maintenance applications.”

  • Electric / Air Screwdrivers
  • Air Production Drills
  • Air Tappers
  • Air Riveters
  • Nutrunners

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“Smaller in size and more powerful than competitive models, Ingersoll Rand’s ratchets are specifically engineered to make your job easier and you more productive. Enhanced ergonomic designs make IR’s ratchets easy to use.“

  • ¼” Drives
  • 3/8” Drives
  • ½” Drives
  • 1105 Max Series Mini Ratchets
  • 1207 Max Series Ratchets

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