Lobster Tools

For the past 120 years, Lobster Tools has proven themselves as a premier manufacturer of high-quality riveters around the globe. Their attention to detail in their state-of-the-art designs has won them numerous awards, proving the versatility, robustness and exceptional performance of their expansive line of riveters.

Lobster High Performance Riveters

Lobster High Performance Riveters deliver maximum performance with a revolutionary design; making them both environmentally friendly and extremely ergonomic.

Lobster Inline Riveters

As an industry standard for over 25 years, Lobster Inline Riveters offer a unique, ergonomic inline vertical design for improved efficiency on the assembly line with an overhead counterbalance approach.

Lobster Lightweight Riveters

Lobster’s Lightweight Riveter Series feature a quick rivet setting cycle and long stroke for enhanced productivity. A built in muffler greatly decreases work noise, while a wear-resistant surface increases tool life. Plus, all riveters in this series incorporate an ergonomic Soft-Set® shock absorbing technology to increase worker safety and minimize the risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders).

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Lobster Pneumatic Nut Rivet Setter

Recently redesigned for enhanced reliability and robustness, the Lobster Pneumatic Nut Rivet Setter is built from a rugged aluminum die cast construction and is powered by a heavy-duty power motor for easy maintenance. With a single lever operation, they offer twice the speed of electric nut rivet setters.

Lobster Cordless Riveters

The award winning design of the lightweight, ergonomic cordless riveters from Lobster Tool provides extreme flexibility and high-speed riveting capacities without the need of a compressed air system.

Lobster Riveter Tools

Lobster Tools has many types of riveters that fit all your riveting applications, riveters from cordless to high-performance any job can be done with a Lobster Tool. Below are a quick list of each type of riveters that you can choose from, if you'd like more information on a specific riveter go above and click the corresponding riveter:

  • Lobster High Performance Riveters
    • Lobster R1A1 Pneumatic Riveters
    • Lobster R1A2 Pneumatic Riveters
  • Lobster Inline Riveters
    • Lobster ARV-015M Inline Pneumatic Riveter
  • Lobster Lightweight Riveters
    • AR-2000S
    • AR-2000SV
    • AR-2000M
    • AR-2000MV
    • AR-2000H
    • AR-2000HV
    • AR-2000A-90
    • AR2000A-45
    • AR2000A-00
  • Lobster Pneumatic Nut Rivet Setter
    • Lobster AN-200A Pneumatic Nut Rivet Setter
  • Lobster Cordless Riveters
    • Lobster R1B1 Cordless Riveters
    • Lobster R1B2 Cordless Riveters