Sioux Pneumatic Air Tools

Sioux Pneumatic Air Tools have been designed and built by some of the best engineers in the country.  Sioux Pneumatic Air Tools use only top - quality materials in their manufacturing process and offer the strongest support and warranty in the business. Over 100 patents are an indication of Sioux Pneumatic Air Tools innovation in product development and design.

Pneumatic Drills

Viewed as the Number 1 choice in the industry, Sioux Tool’s pneumatic drills are known around the globe for their exceptional engineering and construction. They offer a wide range of configurations, speeds, and options that ensure a perfect match for almost any application.

  • Pistol Grip Drills
  • Straight Drills
  • Miniature Angle Drills
  • Right Angle Drills
  • “D” Handle Drills
  • “T” Handle Drills
  • “Z” Handle Drills
  • “Z” Handle Corded Electric Drills & Drill/Driver

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Sioux Pneumatic Drills


C.H. Reed offers Sioux Tool’s wide range of screwdrivers engineered to meet today’s fast paced, high output assembly and manufacturing applications.

  • Positive Clutch Inline Screwdrivers
  • Stall Pistol Grip Screwdrivers
  • Stall Inline Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable Clutch: Pistol Grip / Inline Screwdrivers
  • Torque Control Screwdrivers
  • “Z” Handle Screwdrivers & Drill/Driver
  • Right Angle Screwdrivers

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Sioux Screwdrivers

Impact Wrenches

Suitable for general assembly, repair jobs etc. When you are in need of a powerful, lightweight tool, with little reaction force and moderate accuracy, Sioux has the impact wrench for you.

  • 3/8” (10 MM) & 1/2” (13MM) Impact Wrenches
  • 3/4” (19 MM), 1″ (25MM) & 1-1/2” (38MM) Impact Wrenches

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Sioux Impact Wrenches


C.H. Reed offers Sioux nutrunners that are intended for high volume, industrial fabrication. You can choose from free speeds of up to 2200 rpm, and a torque range of up to 600 in. lb (68 Nm). These are outstanding tools for fast, accurate assembly.

  • Right Angle Nutrunners

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Sioux Nutrunners