Critical Fastening Solutions

Critical fastening is an important and intricate part of every plant’s manufacturing process. C.H. Reed carries the best DC Power Tools from the top brands. To keep your production line operating smooth and efficiently, C.H. Reed will partner with you to provide the best possible fastening solutions to meet and exceed your goals.

Ingersoll Rand DC Electric Fastening Systems

At C. H. Reed, we understand that fastening applications are intricate processes that require more than simply selecting a tool from a catalog. That’s why we partner with Ingersoll Rand and employ a unique consultative approach with our customers in order to integrate the best possible solution for their production line. C. H. Reed offers the complete line of Ingersoll Rand DC Electric Fastening Systems for designing assembly systems that are accurate, durable, ergonomic and efficient.

Cleco DC Electric Tools

Cleco DC Electric Tools focus on safety critical and quality critical fastening applications with tangible effects on your bottom line.  Engineered to optimize your performance, productivity, and accountability, Cleco DC products offer a total fastening solution ideal for manufacturing facilities throughout most industries. Contact C.H. Reed today and let us help you assess your needs and match you with the critical fastening solution that’s right for you.

Desoutter DC Tools

Desoutter DC Tools offer accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency in their fastening systems.  This leads to improved control, joint integrity, and accuracy compared to conventional tools.  Improved your assembly process today and contact C.H. Reed.

Bosch Rexroth DC Tools

Bosch Rexroth DC Tools provide a full complement of tightening, drive, and control solutions. For every technology and technology mix the company offers high-grade components, systems and a broad range of services – be it pneumatic, electric, electronic or mechanical – for industry and factory automation, including mobile applications.

AIMCO Pulse Tools

C.H. Reed provides the complete line of AIMCO Pulse Tools including Pistol Tools, In – Line Tools, Angle Tools and Stud Bolt. A complete offering of high quality AIMCO pulse tools, including a program for high-volume users is made available for one and all.

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Sturtevant Richmont

Error proofing is known as the art and science of preventing as many errors as possible from occurring, supported and amplified by immediate detection if and when they happen. Designing and implementing torque control with an error-proofing goal requires a systems-oriented approach. Sturtevant Richmont offers a variety of advanced torque systems that integrate their tools, controllers, software, communications, and capabilities to assure that you meet your requirements.

Kolver DC Electric Tools

Kolver DC Electric Tools: Pluto Series. Kolver’s experience in torque tools has led to the development of the Pluto Screwdrivers, some of the most versatile and cost effective DC tools on the market.  Pluto Series features a state-of-the-art electric motor with low inertia and minimal friction for extremely long life, coupled with planetary gearboxes built with long lasting composite materials.

Kolver DC Tools

The Kolver DC Screwdriver Tool has very useful features that can contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of the job.

  • Simple interface to program and use
  • Password protection from unauthorized users
  • Torque in values that fit your needs such as in In/lbs, Nm, etc.
  • Providing statistic return after a job
  • Custom setting adjustments allowing control over torque value, angle value, rundown speed, start/stop, min/max rundown time, and many more
Desoutter DC Tools