Kolver DC Electric Tools

Kolver DC Electric Tools: Pluto Series. Kolver's experience in torque tools has led to the development of the Pluto Screwdrivers, some of the most versatile and cost effective DC tools on the market.  Pluto Series features a state-of-the-art electric motor with low inertia and minimal friction for extremely long life, coupled with planetary gearboxes built with long lasting composite materials.

Kolver PLUTO: DC Electric

Kolver has developed the PLUTO (which stands for Plus Torque) DC-controlled electric screwdrivers which are able to reach from 2.6 to 132 in/lbs of torque. The Pluto 03 series is the lowest torque version with a range of 2.6 to 25, the Pluto6D has a torque range of 4.4 to 53 in/lbs, the Pluto 10 series has a torque range of 18 to 88 in.lbs, and the Pluto 15 series has a torque range of 18 to 132 in.lbs.

The PLUTO operates by setting a torque and RPM profile on a controller, validated back to a separate transducer or torque tester. As a result, a controller is needed for the tool to operate and is purchased separately. All screw drivers are available in pistol grip or inline body style.


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EDU2AE Series Controllers for PLUTO

EDU2AE Series Controllers for PLUTO work with Kolver’s PLUTO Series electric DC screwdrivers and offer a wide array of customizable settings to meet your needs.

  • EDU2AE: Controller for PLUTO offers control of a single torque setting with optional torque data display
  • EDU2AE/TOP: Multiple torque control systems.  Offers control on eight user definable torque strategies that include torque data display and many additional features.
  • EDU2AE/TOP/TA: Torque and angle system.  Offers all the features of the EDU2AE/TOP with additional angle monitoring and control.

To learn more about these controllers and their options & capabilities, check out the brochure and contact us today.


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Kolver DC Tools

The Kolver DC Screwdriver Tool has very useful features that can contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of the job.

  • Simple interface to program and use
  • Password protection from unauthorized users
  • Torque in values that fit your needs such as in In/lbs, Nm, etc.
  • Providing statistic return after a job
  • Custom setting adjustments allowing control over torque value, angle value, rundown speed, start/stop, min/max rundown time, and many more
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