AIMCO Material Handling

Employees are the most important assets of any company. Protecting these individuals from job related health issues is critical. To help its customers face the challenges surrounding material handling & ergonomics, AIMCO focuses on providing products that combine a lack of torque reaction, low vibration, light weight, as well as quiet and simple operation. These features allow assemblers to do their job in the safest possible manner and help manufacturers avoid the often hidden costs of workplace injuries.

Tool Support Systems

AIMCO Tool Support Systems

AIMCO has a wide array of ergonomic material handling and support systems to increase worker safety and production efficiencies:

  • Gravity defying balancers
  • Line reel balancers / retractors
  • Ergo-Arm tool support systems
  • Custom reaction devices
  • Linear Arm
  • GCI torque reactions arms
  • Carbon torque arms
  • Workstations
  • Air prep units
  • air lines & accessories


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