Desoutter Ergonomics

Ergonomically designed work systems enhance operator safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, improve working and living conditions, and counteract adverse effects on human health and performance.  See how C.H. Reed can improve your plant’s process with Desoutter ergonomics.

Optimized Workstations

Telescopic Reaction Arms

Flexible and extremely lightweight carbon makes for an improved comfort of use.

  • Telescopic Reation Arms
  • Positioning Telescopic Arms

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Desoutter Telescopic Reaction Arm


Reaction Free; Holds the load weightless throughout the entire cable length.

  • Balancers
  • Hose Balancers
  • Reaction Free Self-Lock Balancers

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Desoutter Balancers

Balancing Arms

Desoutter Balancing Arms provide assistance to an operator when using hand held tools. The operator’s arm, wrist and shoulder are relieved of the stress from torque, vibration and weight of the tool, which means that quality, productivity and operator comfort are greatly improved.


  • 408903
  • 408913
  • 408923
  • 408933

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Desoutter Balancing Arm