Torque Wrenches / Auditing & Measurement

When measuring and recording proper torque in your assembly operation, accuracy and versatility are vital parts of the process. C.H. Reed provides you the high precision solution in assuring proper torque specifications with data collection capabilities.


Proper torque measurement is critical in many assembly operations. AIMCO provides expertise and measurement equipment for all three phases – before, during, and after assembly. Tool testing and capability studies can be easily performed in the tool crib or lab. Fine tuning of torque settings and process verification are achieved on the assembly line with rotary transducers. Use our complete line of electronic wrenches for final residual torque testing.

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The Desoutter digital wrenches integrates in a unique device a flexible solution for both production and quality strategy in tightening. DWT provides high accuracy solution for torque controlled joints tightening, while the DWTA introduces a digital angle measurement for very critical applications.

Sturtevant Richmont

When the combination of superior accuracy, versatility, and data collection/communication are needed, C.H. Reed has the Sturtevant Richmont solution for you.

Ingersoll Rand

Competition is driving product quality requirements to new levels. Meeting these demands requires keeping your processes in control and your tools working within specifications. Ingersoll Rand’s torque wrenches, testers, and analyzers can dynamically measure and record your precision fastening output.


CDI is America’s largest manufacturer of electronic and mechanical torque tools.  Whether its torque wrenches, drivers, torque testers, and calibration equipment, CDI can meet and exceed your torque requirements.


Through advances in torque technology, Tohnichi Torque Wrenches contributes to the creation of a safer world by helping to obtain the highest level of product safety.  C.H. Reed and Tohnichi meet your production demands through torque reliability and consistency.

Main Reasons to Utilize Torque Wrench

When your torque auditing wrench, it validates the fastening process, the torque wrench, the product design and the materials used for the application/job. It also:

  • Increases consistency within the assembly process
  • Reveals any inaccuracies within assembly process
  • Encourages ongoing corrective action so there are minimal errors
  • Improves the process
Torque Auditing