All Metal Designs, Inc.

C.H. Reed offers an extensive selection of AMD industrial workbenches and ergonomic workstations for manufacturing applications.  AMD’s industrial workstations can be custom engineered to meet your exact requirements by using standard and specialized components and accessories.  Industrial ergonomic workstations and benches is a good business decision that is rapidly becoming a business requirement.

Modular Workstations

AMD’s Modular industrial workbenches are “operator adjustable” and are very ergonomically sound for people of all heights, allowing the employees to work more comfortably and efficiently.

The modular workstation design process
1. Determine your weight requirements
2. Select a base for the workbench
3. Add base options
4. Choose work surface
5. Select upright or overhead frame fro accessories
6. Select accessories

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Adjustable Workstations

Adjustable industrial workstations & benches from AMD can help meet the challenges of accommodating the needs of a diverse workforce. An AMD adjustable ergonomic workstation can reduce fatigue and help prevent overuse injuries. Their ergonomically designed bench bases are adjustable to achieve the most flexible industrial workstation for your operators.

  • Manual Bases
  • Stationary Bases
  • Electric Bases

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Assembly Workstations

AMD offers a variety of work surfaces, frames, and columns that allow maximum flexibility when designing high performance industrial workbenches that meet ergonomic requirements.

  • Work Surfaces
  • Frames and Columns

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