Enhancing Ergonomics: Assembly Power Tools

URYU Handheld Battery-Powered Pulse ToolAsk anyone affiliated with the industrial marketplace, and they will tell you that ergonomics isn’t some trendy, fleeting buzzword. It’s a legitimate and necessary

avenue for adhering to more stringent safety regulations and creating a leaner production line.  Two of the main problems that ergonomic solutions address are operator fatigue and workplace injuries, both of which hinder productivity and drive up operating costs.

When it comes to power tools, increasing ergonomics requires reducing reaction impulse.

Reaction impulse is the energy that is transferred to an operator’s hands, wrists and elbows as a gear-driven, automatic shut-off tool powers down.  This energy, when experienced for long a duration, leads to operator fatigue and can significantly increase the probability for an operator to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


There are many ergonomic solutions available that can reduce the amount of reaction impulse an operator is exposed to on the assembly line.  One such solution is the battery-powered pulse tool.  Pulse tools provide intermittent pulses of energy that virtually eliminate all reaction impulse experienced by the operator.  Aside from enhanced ergonomics, battery-powered pulse tools have additional benefits that make them incredibly valuable tools for any assembly line:


Portable – The portability of battery-powered tools adds to the overall safety of a system by making the tool easier to handle and eliminating trip hazards like cords and hoses around the workplace.

Quiet – Reduced noise levels of tool operation also add to the safety of the work environment by limiting prolonged exposure to a loud and boisterous environment.

Accurate – Battery-powered pulse tools are just as accurate as their hardwired counterparts.

Easy-to-Use – Simple operation combined with the increased maneuverability of the tool make battery-powered pulse tools exceedingly easy-to-use.

Affordable – Battery-operated pulse tools are competitively priced, creating an affordable and highly valuable tool that will provide a tangible and immediate Return on Investment.


The URYU Pulse Gun is a great example of a highly ergonomic battery-powered pulse tool.  At C. H. Reed, we have very a knowledgeable staff that specializes in increasing ergonomics along the assembly line.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, or contact us directly.


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Posted by Clinton Shaffer