C. H. Reed Helps Provide Compressed Air to the Country’s Most Advanced Turbine Testing Laboratory

fs_start-300x241C. H. Reed was recognized in the November issue of Compressed Air Best Practices magazine for assisting with the installation of a compressed air system in the Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) at Penn State University. The new, state-of-the-art facility will allow “researchers to simulate and test a new generation of high pressure turbine systems”, enabling improvements to fuel efficiency and reductions in toxic emissions.


C. H. Reed is proud to be a part of this exciting project, as gas turbine technology powers aircraft and electric power plants all over the world. Supported by Pratt & Whitney (a United Technologies Corporation) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), the facility will boast a “continuously flowing turbine that will operate at realistic engine conditions”, a feature that is not available anywhere else in the country. Having a turbine that operates in realistic engine conditions will enable engineers to test new thermal management approaches, eliminate leakage and improve gas-path flows for future turbines.

For this project, C. H. Reed partnered with FS-Elliott to provide a Polaris® P700 air compressor along with heat exchangers, a chiller, heaters, test piping, valves, a closed loop cooling system and start-up for all of the components at the START facility. The Polaris® air compressor, coupled with a preventative maintenance program, will provide the performance and reliability necessary for such a demanding and sophisticated application.

Below: a Polaris® P700 air compressor


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Posted by Clinton Shaffer


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