C.H. Reed, Inc. Hosts Training for Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

C.H. Reed, Inc. recently teamed up with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, a two year technical college located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, to host an in-house training for three student capstone projects.  The training was designed to deliver a deeper understanding of what goes into tearing down and assessing a rotary screw air compressor, as well as how to rebuild an air-end.




Our instructors provided insight into proper tear down techniques, the different kinds of tools that are used, how to set clearances, a general understanding on complete compressor packages (using our units from stock), and an overview of how different controls work using our compressed air control simulators.




The students walked away with enhanced application perceptions on how rotary screw air compressors operate, along with some distinct comparative advantages of rotary screw compressors over reciprocating compressors.




With a wide array of technological programs available, ranging from nine month certificate degree programs to associate degree programs, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology provides students real-world experiences using a hands-on approach to education.  Named the best two-year technical college in PA, Thaddeus Stevens College adds value to the lives of their students so that they will find skilled employment, be effective citizens and reach their full potential.  To learn more about Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, visit http://www.stevenscollege.edu.