C.H. Reed Takes Part in Energy Efficiency Workshops

In the past couple months, C.H. Reed has attended a number of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities’ Energy Efficiency Incentive Program workshops at a number of locations throughout the state. The purpose of these seminars were to develop a deeper understanding of what it really means to be energy efficient, why it’s so important for Pennsylvania businesses, and how end users can apply for and obtain funding for energy efficient improvements in their facilities.

C.H. Reed partners directly with CLEAResult and Emergent Energy Solutions (EMS), energy consulting firms who help utilities, businesses and individuals make wise use of energy.  Since June of 2013 thru May 2015, First Energy, CLEAResult, and EMS have helped companies throughout PA save a total of 259,699,310 kWh in their commercial and industrial energy programs. At $0.05 per kWh, that is equivalent to $25,969,931 saved in annual energy bills with rebates totaling $16,159,735.

New system projects that deliver increased energy efficiencies can very often qualify for utility rebates from local service providers throughout the state. These programs are designed to incent you, the end user, to continue to invest is newer, energy efficient equipment that drives down usage in your facility. For more information on our programs offered and the types of projects that are eligible for rebates, please contact C.H. Reed today.


C.H. Reed Energy Workshops


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