Compressed Air Accessories

C.H. Reed offers an extensive amount of compressed air accessories to keep your facility operating smoothly. Filters, digital timer drain, magnetic drains, lubricants, oil-water separators, and nitrogen generators are just a few of the accessories offered to better improve the quality of your system.


Quincy Air Compressors are designed and engineered to provide many years of reliable service.  You also get the benefit of industry-leading warranty programs and peace of mind, as well as 24-hour service via C.H. Reed. On top of that, you get a wide selection of genuine Quincy Compressor parts and compressor fluids to keep your machine running at peak performance and provide the best protection of your investment.

Advant Air

Commonly referred to as the fourth utility, compressed air is critical to the daily operations of countless manufacturing facilities. Unfortunately, compressed air can be quite costly without proper implementation and maintenance. In order to keep your costs down, C. H. Reed utilizes Advant-Air® products in conjunction with Preventative Maintenance Programs to ensure energy efficiency and business continuity.


Summit Industrial Products is recognized as an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology. Since Summit Industrial Products is not basic in any particular base-fluid, it is free to choose among the various fluids to formulate the best lubricant for each application.


Beko Drains and Traps save valuable compressed air and removes liquid condensate efficiently leading to increase in facility productivity.


Compressed air filters are used to purify compressed air, removing water, oil and other impurities. In addition to protecting the pneumatic equipment, controls and processes, proper filtration can improve machinery performance and reduce maintenance. C.H.Reed provides a wide range of air filters from Hankison to better improve the quality of your system.


Nano Purification Solutions manufactures a variety of products for air and gas purification to meet the increasing demands for high quality solutions which meet various industrial applacations.