Advant Air

Commonly referred to as the fourth utility, compressed air is critical to the daily operations of countless manufacturing facilities. Unfortunately, compressed air can be quite costly without proper implementation and maintenance. In order to keep your costs down, C. H. Reed utilizes Advant-Air® products in conjunction with Preventative Maintenance Programs to ensure energy efficiency and business continuity.

Compressed Air Filtration

Advant Air compressed air filters utilize advanced high efficiency filter elements.  The XC Series industrial high efficiency filters can save energy costs because they have a lower pressure drop throughout the filter element life.  Save your energy dollars and protect your air system by contacting C.H. Reed today.

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Digital Timer Drains

Digital or Electric Timed Drains set a controlled time for the discharge of condensation, diverting the condensate to a collection destination. They are installed on the discharge section of receiver tanks, dryers, filters and other similar mechanisms.

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Magnetic Drains

Magnetic Drains are used in situations when Digital Timer Drains are not applicable. These Drains use a magnetically controlled valve to release the condensate discharge once the drain has reached capacity. Advant-Air® Magnetic Drains are also coupled with an Oil / Water Condensation Separator for maximum efficiency.

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