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HF Series Compressed Air Filters

If not removed, contaminants such as dirt, dust, rust / pipe scale, compressor lubricants, condensed water droplets, etc, can increase pneumatic equipment maintenance costs and lead to instrument / control failure.  Avoid this by removing these contaminants with Hankison filters and allow your compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required for its application.

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HTA Series High Temperature Afterfilters

Hankison HTA Series high temperature afterfilters are engineered to hold a large amount of desiccant fines without plugging. This results in a long cartridge life, even when installed downstream of heated type dryers using highly friable desiccant.

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M Series Mist Eliminators

Hankison M Series Mist Eliminators guards products and processes from contamination and increases the life of pneumatic equipment.

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NGF Series Compressed Air Filters

Hankison’s Next Generation Filter Series is the answer for efficiently removing contamination from compressed air systems while consuming less energy.

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