Quincy Compressor Fluids

Rotary Screw Compressor Fluids Quincy's rotary screw fluids provide excellent friction protection and extend bearing and rotor life. They also retain their viscosity at higher temperatures. Fluids are available for rotary screw compressors used in a wide range of light duty, heavy industrial and other applications.
  • Genuine Fluids
  • QuinSyn XP
  • QuinSyn F
  • QuinSyn Plus
  • QuinSyn PG
Reciprocating Compressor Fluids Quincy produces a wide range of reciprocating lubricants and fluids for varying conditions. These fluids can lengthen compressor life by protecting against heat, while also providing superior demulsibility in high humidity applications. They also meet OSHA guidelines for classification as non-toxic substances.
  • QuinCip-D – 100% Synthetic
  • QuinCip – Available in three ISO grades
Aftermarket Fluids Quincy aftermarket fluids have been proven to reduce energy consumption, waste disposal costs and MRO costs. By enabling your compressor to operate at peak efficiency and reliability, they can also reduce lost productivity; which will improve the health of your company’s bottom line. Quincy offers a variety of aftermarket fluids and lubricants for specific applications and operating environments.
  • QuinSyn Endura
  • QuinSyn Prime
  • QuinSyn Edge
  • QuinSyn Flex

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