BEKO Technologies develops, engineers, and manufactures advanced technologies dedicated to enhancing compressed air quality for manufacturers all around the globe.  BEKO's Air Treatment Equipment is designed to optimize a machines, plants, and systems, resulting in better performance and greater reliability, less energy usage, reduced pollution, and improved working conditions.  

BEKO Air Treatment Equipment

BEKO Condensate Technology

  • BEKOMAT®: Electronically, level-controlled compressed air condensate drainage.
  • ÖWAMAT®: Oil-water separators that do no generate any energy costs, boasts enormous filter service lives, and can be retrofitted without any issues in older facilities.
  • BEKOSPLIT®: Reliable emulsion splitting systems that cost effectively remove oils, water-insoluble organic impurities, and solid contaminates from condensate.

BEKO Compressed Air Filtration

  • CLEARPOINT®: Lower your energy costs, extend filter service life, enhance reliability, and safely filter aerosol, oil, and dust with BEKO CLEARPOINT® Filter Technology.

BEKO Measurement Technology

  • METPOINT®: Continuous monitoring of your compressed air system offers process safety and the reliable identification of hidden cost drivers.
    • METPOINT® OCV monitors residual oil vapor content in compressed air flow
    • METPOINT® MMA monitoring of breathing air
    • METPOINT® BDL Data logger
    • METPOINT® FLM accurately measures volume flow
    • METPOINT® DPM continuously monitors moisture level
    • METPOINT® PRM pressure measurement
    • METPOINT® LKD precisely and quickly identifies every leak

BEKO Drying Technology

    • DRYPOINT AC adsorption dryers are specifically designed to minimize pressure drop. In this way, the pressure loss is significantly lower than in conventional dryers and the saved energy costs lead to shorter payback periods.
    • The DRYPOINT® AC HP premium dryer removes humidity from high-pressure compressed air. Every DRYPOINT® AC HP unit is individually adjusted to your application’s conditions / requirements and thereby achieves maximum efficiency.
  • EVERDRY®: As a compressed air adsorption dryer for larger volume flows, EVERDRY® offers standardized system concepts with a wide range of configuration possibilities. In this manner, the complex problems special to compressed air drying at large volume flows are solved particularly economically, and special, customer-specific requirements are met with individual solutions.

BEKO Process Technology

  • Production processes can be optimized with process technology. Economic plant operation, reduced cycle times and an increase in productivity are only a few of the advantages.

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