HCD Series Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryers

Where Ideas Meet Industry The Hankison HCD Series provides a cost effective solution to remove moisture from compressed air. The sustainable energy saving design reduces operating costs and delivers instrument quality air.   Thermal energy generated during the air compression process is effectively utilized to regenerate the off-line desiccant bed. Ideally suited for oil-free air compressors, HCD series dryers turn “waste heat” into energy savings. Advantages:
  • Consumes under 50 watts, less than the power requirement of a typical lap-top computer
  • Offers the lowest cost of operation as compared to conventional dehydration technology
  • Delivers ISO 8573.1: 2010 Air Quality 2 to 4 (-40°F to +37°F)
  • Fully packaged, skid mounted design, provides ease of installation