HDF Series Single Tower Desiccant Air Dryers

A Spray Painter's Assurance For A Flawless Finish State-of-the-art refinish materials and moisture-sensitive pneumatic tools require compressed air treatment. Modern spray guns, particularly HVLP, require greater volumes of air to atomize today's high-solids coatings. Greater volumes of air carry greater volumes of water, oil, and dirt which must be removed. A HDF Series compressed air dryer can eliminate that damaging water, dirt, and oil which can ruin your refinish work.   HDF Series Single Tower Desiccant Dryer Features:
  • Produce pressure dew points as low as -40°F (-40°C)
  • Rugged powder-painted, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing which can be installed in-line
  • Charge of silica gel desiccant adsorbs moisture from the compressed air
  • Desiccant change-out indicator offers convenient monitoring of desiccant condition
  • Desiccant change-out indicator turns color from blue to white
  • Integrated 15 micron cleanable dust filter
The benefits for your shop are:
  • Increased shop capacity to process more cars
  • Helps get on the "preferred" lists for referrals from insurance companies
  • Fewer labor hours and materials per paint job
  • Better bottom-line for the company