H Series High Capacity Refrigerated Air Dryers (2000 – 20,000 SCFM)

Hankison’s H Series are equipped with automatic temperature control to maintain consistent dewpoint temperature across a wide range of operating conditions. The direct expansion, non-cycling refrigeration system allows rapid response to changes in load. Custom Designed to Match your Requirements Utilizing sustainable technology to efficiently produce the outlet dewpoint and pressure drop required for the most critical applications the H Series dryers feature: Heat exchangers engineered and manufactured shell and radial finned tube design ensures sufficient cooling, minimizes pressure drop and resists fouling Large air-to-air heat exchangers remove over half of the heat load from the incoming air stream - minimizing refrigeration system size and power requirements Two stage separator removes 99+% of condensed moisture and maintains high efficiency across a wide range of flows Pilot operated, compressed air powered drains operate only when necessary with no loss of air.