Nano-Purification Solutions

Nano-Purification Solutions is a world-class manufacturer of state-of-the-art compressed air treatment equipment ranging from filtration technologies, nitrogen generation, to breathing air equipment.  With Nano's compressed air solutions and C.H. Reed's industry experience, you can rest assured that by partnering with C.H. Reed, your facility's air quality will meet & exceed ISO compressed air quality standards.

Nano-Purification Solutions

Nano-Purification Solutions offers a wide variety of different product options that greatly enhance your facility’s air quality. To learn more about any of the below product listings, contact C.H. Reed to speak with a specialist today.

  • Industrial Filters
    • Centrifugal Water Separators
    • Performance Validated Filters
    • Duplex Filters
    • Medical Sterile Filters
    • Vacuum Pump Protection Filters
    • Medical Vacuum Filters
    • High Capacity Flanged Filters
    • High Temp. Dust Filters
    • Mild Pressure Aluminum Filters
    • High Pressure Stainless Steel Filters
    • Filter Heater Combinations
    • Mist Eliminators
  • Process Filters
    • Stainless Steel Industrial Filters
    • Sterile Air Depth Filters
    • Sterile Air Membrane Filters
    • Culinary Steam Filters
  • Desiccant Dryers
    • Heatless Modular Dryers
    • High Pressure Compact Dryers
    • Heatless Twin Tower Dryers
    • Externally Heated Dryers
    • Blower Purge Dryers
  • Refrigerated Dryers
    • Cycling Refrigerated Dryers
    • High Temp. Cycling Dryers
    • High Temp. Direct Expansion Dryers
    • Refrigerated Process Dryers
    • Direct Expansion Refrigerated Dryers
  • Process Chillers
  • Lab Gas CO2 Removal Modules – Lab Gas Purifier
  • Nitrogen Generation Equipment
    • Nitrogen Generators
    • Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Generators
    • Membrane Nitrogen Generators
  • Breathing Air Purifiers
  • Vapor Removal / Oil Vapor Removal Systems
  • Condensate Treatment Equipment
  • Condensate Drains

To learn more about Non-Purification Solutions, contact C.H. Reed.


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