Quincy QOF 2-30 HP Oil-Free Compressors

Class Zero signifies the best air quality possible. In critical environments, it is vital that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. Contamination by even the smallest quantities of oil can cause production down time and product spoilage, resulting in costly product recalls and loss of reputation. The new Quincy QOF 2-30 HP Oil-Free Compressors meet the Class Zero standard and also provide top class performance, premium efficiency and superior quality. Outstanding reliability, low maintenance and operating costs make oil-free compressors a sound investment. An oil-free air compressor is essential in any environment that requires 100% oil-free air.  Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles and electronics companies are a few examples of industries that need this requirement. These businesses strive to meet the ISO 8573-1: 2010 standard, which outlines precise classifications pertaining to air purity. Class Zero signifies the highest classification in this ISO standard, which is why a Quincy QOF oil-free compressor is a keen choice for many industrial applications.