Palatek LSC-Series (15-60 HP)

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LSC-Series (15-60 HP)

The Palatek LSC-Series is a continuous duty oil flooded rotary screw industrial air compressor.

Features include:

  • 15 – 30 HP, 40 – 50 HP, 50 – 60 HP
  • Solidly mounted and aligned to compressor shaft allowing drive shaft direct connection and minimizing power loss
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Flange mounted to the frame for positive alignment and direct driven by low maintenance coupling
  • ASME coded 200 PSIG sump tank, minimum pressure check valve, relief valve, high efficiency replaceable oil separator element, fluid level sight indicator and vented fill cap.
  • Base mounted, no special foundation required
  • Optional tank and platform mounting available
  • Air cooled with air cooled oil cooler and aftercooler
  • Compressor temperature maintained by auto adjusting thermo valve
  • Full modulation pneumatic control for smooth control
  • Pilot unloader valve for minimizing power with no air demand
  • Air Pressure and Discharge temp. gauges
  • High Temp. shut down switch
  • Overpressure relief valve

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Palatek LSC Series