Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressors line ranges from 10 hp to 350 hp. While adapting this new technology to Quincy's proven foundation of quality and reliability was a challenge,  the results continue to be recognized throughout the industry. Precision - crafted rotors, patented Triplex bearings, and the cutting edge Powersync controls consistently reinforce Quincy's dedication to reliability throughout all product lines.

Quincy QGD & QGDV Series (15-60 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressors)

The Quincy QGD & QGDV Series signify the continuing evolution of recognized compressed air technology. Packed with the latest advances, premium features and almost a century of compressed air experience, these models offer enhanced features and benefits; Choice of drive systems, install flexibilities, impressive standard features, reduced energy costs, simplistic maintenance, and leading warranty.

QGD (40-50 hp Direct Drive Compressors)

The Quincy QGD has a direct-drive airend design, an industrial grade enclosure, and intuitive controls giving it unmatched reliability in the most demanding conditions. To view the specs on the QGD (40-50 hp Direct Drive Compressors), click “Browse Products” to the right.


QGS (5-100 hp Belt Drive Compressors)

The Quincy QGS belt drive compressor offers superior compressed air performance in a compact, modern design.  Click “Browse Products” to learn more.

QGV (20-200 hp Variable Speed Compressors)

The Quincy QGV (20-200 hp Variable Speed Compressors) offers the most steady pressure available from a compressor with 85% turndown. Click “Browse Products” to learn more.

QSI (20-350 hp Premium Industrial Compressors)

The Quincy QSI is arguably the most reliable direct drive compressor on the market. Robust direct drive airends, and multiple configurations ensure that the QSI can be your solution for any application. To learn more, click “Browse Products” and check out the attached brochures.