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June 24, 2014

Enhanced Ergonomics & Maintenance Cost Reductions


C.H. Reed recently worked with a manufacturer of heavy, off-road trucks.  This company was experiencing issues relating to ergonomics and unnecessary costs associated with their manufacturing process.  They were using a four horsepower, eight pound grinder for their application, a heavy tool that was causing operator fatigue as well as injuries.  On top of that, they were spending approximately $100.00 per month, per tool on motor repairs. 

To address the operator injury and repair cost issues this manufacturer was experiencing, C.H. Reed suggested the implementation of an ergonomically designed grinder series.  These grinders are manufactured with sealed motor bearings and have a better power-to-weight ratio than the tools they were currently using.  The sealed motor bearings reduce the amount of particles that can pass through a tool’s motor and wear down the internal components.  This particular series of grinders have three key ergonomic factors.

  • Comfort: A vibration damping side handle, an ergonomic design to maintain operator’s wrist straight, and an insulating composite over housing.
  • Safety: Unique streamlined safety lever and a robust keyless 270 degrees rotating guard.
  • Productivity: The auto balancer reduces abrasive vibrations to improve the contact with the application which offers a 15% higher material removal rate.  Additionally, the hardened helical gears provide exceptional durability while the quick change spindle lock eases the abrasive change.

The improved power-to-weight ratio coupled with more ergonomic design features highly reduces the amount of strain operators feel while using the tool. 

The most dramatic difference between the old tools and new grinders is evident in the monthly repair costs.  Over the last ten months, there have been zero tools (grinders) sent out for repairs, saving the company a significant amount of money.  In addition, the new grinders are lighter and easier to operate leading to meaningfully less operator fatigue and injury.  This, in turn, has increased efficiency and productivity in the company’s manufacturing process.  For more information, visit the Chicago Pneumatic page on the C.H. Reed by following the link below.







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Posted by: Shane Vrankin




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