Finishing Accessories

Spray booth filters, hoses & fittings, pressure pots / pressure tank agitators, respiratory & safety equipment, and solvent recyclers are just a few of the finishing accessories C.H. Reed offers to meet and exceed your plant’s finishing goals. Contact us today to learn more about our finishing accessories.


Columbus spray booth filters can provide you with the most efficient filter throughout your entire spray booth operation, which allow you to achieve the highest quality finished product – from start to finish.

Carbit Coating Solutions

Carbit Coating Solutions develops state of the art, strippable spray booth coatings for the industrial and commercial marketplace.  Whether it’s a custom job, application assistance, or environmental regulation support, C.H. Reed and Carbit can provide advanced coating solutions that will help protect your booth’s walls, floors, and lights.

Finishing Brands (Binks / Devilbiss)

Binks & Devilbiss offer air, fluid & equipment accessories for your spray finishing needs. Their wide variety of hoses and fittings come in premium and fluidallvarieties. Besides these, they also provide technical tubes, hoses and accessories to support the fittings.


C.H. Reed provides Bullard respiratory products to the industry’s leading manufacturers, so employees are protected at the highest levels from workplace hazards. Built with worker safety and security in mind, Bullard’s respiratory products meet NIOSH standards and offer workers top-quality protection on the job.

Uniram Recyclers

Uniram Solvent Recyclers are easy to operate, minimize waste generation, and are safe while they effectively reclaim used solvents.  The solvent waste transported off-site is reduced by up to 95%.  C.H. Reed and Uniram Recyclers can help you meet your waste reduction goals.


No one offers the same quality and assortment of hoses and hose fittings for the finishing industry like Hosco.  With over 1,000 size and material combinations, C.H. Reed can supply you with the Hosco fittings you need for your application.


Complete your system with quality Graco accessories.  From pressure pots, to pressure tank agitators, C.H. Reed can supply the right Graco Accessory to help you meet and maintain your finishing goals.

Morse Drum Handling Equipment

Morse is the industry leader is drum handling equipment ranging from drum heaters to drum tumblers.  Every Morse product is professionally engineered in-house to exceed industry expectations.  Contact C.H. Reed for additional product info and requests for Morse Drum Handling Equipment.