Morse Drum Handling Equipment

Morse is the industry leader is drum handling equipment ranging from drum heaters to drum tumblers.  Every Morse product is professionally engineered in-house to exceed industry expectations.  Contact C.H. Reed for additional product info and requests for Morse Drum Handling Equipment.

Morse Drum Heaters

Keep your products warm and fluid with Morse Drum Heaters.  Heat is conducted through the wall of the drum reaching the product inside.  You can also adjust the thermostat to automatically maintain your desired temperature.  Morse drum heaters come in a number of different sizes, from 5-gallon pails up to 55-gallon drums.  Contact C.H. Reed to learn more about this simplistic, effective accessory to maintain temp. consistency with your product.

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Morse Drum Tumblers

Morse Drum Tumblers will rotate your 55-gallon drum corner-over-corner to thoroughly mix the contents inside without even having to open it.  Morse Tumblers help prevent hazardous exposures, eliminates sediment at the bottom, and avoids messy cleanups.  A number of different packages and accessories are available for these tumblers so be sure to contact C.H. Reed to learn the best solution for your given application.

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