Graco Metering Packages

For over 65 years, CH Reed has been providing the worlds leading brand products, service, assembly, compressor, finishing systems and application solutions in virtually all types of industries.

PCF Metering System

Precision Continuous Flow Metering and Dispense System that has advanced closed-loop technology to assure a precise, continuous flow of material. It handles a range of materials from ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials, low to high viscosity materials with unlimited volumes. The PCF is the next generation of precision metering.


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PGM Metering System

Precision gear metering and dispense system for superior bead control. The Graco PGM delivers a smooth, consistent bead dispense – even with high-viscosity materials. Ideally suited for solar panel manufacturing and automotive windshield manufacturing. And because of higher flow rates, the PGM can dramatically improve production capacity and ROI.

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SmartWare Technology

The Graco SmartWare Shot Dispense Kit contains everything you need to convert your Graco pump into a dosing system. It’s a precise, cost-effective way to dose material – saving you time, material and labor costs. Compatible with DuraFlo or CheckMate pumps with NXT Air Motor technology and most Graco Supply Systems.

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