Paint Application Equipment

Optimize your spray performance while addressing environmental concerns by partnering with C.H. Reed for all your finishing needs.  Whether you’re looking for conventional, electrostatic, or different kinds of spray packages, C.H. Reed has the paint application equipment you need for the finest finishing qualities.


Graco Spray Guns, conventional and automatic, improve productivity, reduce paint usage costs, lower emissions and provides consistently better finishes. Used in applications such as Wood Finishing, Aerospace, General Metal, Auto Assembly and Feeder Plants, you can trust C.H. Reed to provide the right solution for your air spray guns, every time!

Finishing Brands (Binks)

A spray gun is the key component in any finishing system – whether the application involves large-scale industrial finishing or delicate precision painting. The right tool for your application is a special combination of several factors such as the delivery system and atomization method, as well as the spray gun’s air cap, fluid tip and needle combinations. Contact C.H. Reed and we can provide you with the best gun for your application.

Finishing Brands (Devilbiss)

Devilbiss spray guns set the industry standards for high-production performance and reliability.  C.H. Reed offers a wide selection of light, medium, and heavy-duty conventional HVLP, and special purpose guns.

Finishing Brands (Ransburg)

Finishing Brands (Ransburg) is one of the world class leaders in electrostatic spray technology.  As a global innovator and market leader in electrostatic equipment, Ransburg is able to offer commitments to customer quality from their experience and capabilities.