Finishing Brands (Ransburg)

Finishing Brands (Ransburg) is one of the world class leaders in electrostatic spray technology.  As a global innovator and market leader in electrostatic equipment, Ransburg is able to offer commitments to customer quality from their experience and capabilities.

Manual Electrostatic Spray Guns

C.H. Reed offers the complete line of Manual Ransburg Electrostatic Spray Guns. Ransburg Electrostatic Guns deliver world class performance that dates back to over 60 years ago. Generations of Ransburg guns have produced advances that make the case for electrostatic spray technology more compelling for those looking for higher efficiency and quality.


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Automatic Electrostatic Spray Guns

Ransburg’s line of Automatic Electrostatic Spray Guns deliver a simple, rugged, and reliable design that is suited to reduce coating usage while providing maximum transfer efficiency.