Graco Spray Guns

Graco Spray Guns, conventional and automatic, improve productivity, reduce paint usage costs, lower emissions and provides consistently better finishes. Used in applications such as Wood Finishing, Aerospace, General Metal, Auto Assembly and Feeder Plants, you can trust C.H. Reed to provide the right solution for your air spray guns, every time!

Graco Conventional Spray Guns

Graco Conventional Spray Guns are ideal for spraying larger areas and/or parts because of their fast working speeds.  The high pressures associated with conventional guns finely atomizes the spray, producing very fine particles. This results in a very high quality finish, whether it be clear coat, varnish, or paint.  To learn more about what gun would be best suitable for your specific application, contact C.H. Reed today.

Graco Electrostatic Spray Guns

Graco Electrostatic Spray Guns result in extremely high transfer efficiencies with little to no over-spray, saving you a lot of paint.  This is due to an electric charge that is applied to the paint and sprayed onto grounded objects, which when sprayed, the paint particles are attracted to the surface of the grounded object.   Additional benefits include lower material costs, environmental improvements – lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, a reduced amount of over-spray cleanup, and an overall faster production process.

Graco Spray Packages

Graco Spray Packages are turnkey systems offered in air-assisted, airless, and electrostatic finishing spray packages for everything from small, fine finish projects to the most demanding jobs and applications.  Contact C.H. Reed to find the right model and technology for your exact material and application.