Binks Plural Component Equipment

Accurately pump, meter, and mix catalyzed sealers and top coats with Binks Plural Component systems & guns.  Contact C.H. Reed today to see how Binks Plural Component Equipment can increase their process needs.

Binks GEMS – Global Electronic Mixing Solutions

Finishing Brands Binks GEMS – Global Electronic Mixing Solutions is a cutting-edge 2K mixing system that uses a simplistic design while combining an intuitive touchscreen interface with detailed analytics and data collection to greatly improve your finishing process. Mixing equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. With GEMS’ simple user interface, you can begin painting in 5 easy steps:

  1. Pressurize the system
  2. Press color change button
  3. Select the color and press go button
  4. Trigger the gun into approved and grounded container
  5. Start spraying

For an accurate reflection of your application and to learn more from industry professionals about how Global Electronic Mixing Solutions can increase production, improve consistency, and reduce paint consumption, contact us today by clicking here.

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Vinyl Ester Outfit

Ideally suited for Vinyl Ester Applications requiring .5% to 3.5% catalyst ratios. Binks vinyl ester outfit comes complete with a Binks Century vinyl ester spray gun, cart, 50 ft. each of air, catalyst and material hose assemblies, and a 55 gallon siphon hose assembly.

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Plural Component Spray Guns

Plural component spray guns are used for the spray application of two-component materials such as gel-coats or polyesters.