Finishing Brands (Ransburg)

Finishing Brands Ransburg utilizes the most efficient technologies when designing and manufacturing their finishing equipment, delivering an A+ finish while reducing VOC’s and providing extreme transfer efficiencies and atomization.

DynaFlow CC

Ransburg’s DynaFlow CC has been engineered to provide superior efficiencies and production flexibilities. With a graphic display to optimize color change, flush and load sequences, continued reliability and enhanced performance is delivered each and every time. DynaFlow CC also provides closed loop fluid control and can easily accomplish eight single or four multi-component applications making it one of the most adaptable flow metering systems in the industry.


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RCS 2 Ratio Control System

Ransburg RCS 2 Ratio Control System gives you on-ratio, gear-driven control in you mixing and metering processes. With its superior speed and reliability, the RCS 2 is your ideal choice for applications that require short trigger and quick response times.


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RansFlow Ratio Control

Simple and easy to integrate, Ransburg’s RansFlow Ratio Control fits seamlessly into your existing application. It’s closed loop system is self-correcting and signals alarms to prevent paint from hardening in the lines. Programmable flush and fill cycles make color changing fast and easy being that the microprocessor can store up to 100 different paint recipes. Simple and reliable, the RansFlow is adaptable to meet all of your finishing needs.


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