Finishing Brands (Binks)

In the protective coatings market, it is critical to select and properly use the right equipment for each step of your finishing applications. This will ensure proper protection for your final product. C.H. Reed is your source for specific Binks finishing equipment to complete systems, whether you are working in a production facility or on-site.

MX Series Heavy Duty Pumps

Newly engineered high pressure pumps for airless and air assist airless applications of epoxies, urethanes, high solids materials, roof coatings, and other difficult-to-spray materials. The MX Series Pumps are designed to operate at longer intervals in between repairs which lessons the overall cost of ownership.

Recommended materials

  •     Solvent coatings
  •     Waterborne coatings
  •     Zinc Rich Primers and paints
  •     Cold tar epoxies
  •     High solids epoxies and urethanes
  •     Plural component enamels and polyurethanes
  •     And many others

Typical applications

  •     Corrosion protection
  •     Steel fabrications and structures
  •     Pipe and storage tank
  •     Marine and ship building
  •     Off-road vehicles
  •     Truck, bus, trailer, railcar, and chassis manufacturers


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Heavy Fluid Outfits for Waterborne Materials

2 gallon pressure tank (zinc plated shell) with stainless steel lid and SS wetted parts. This outfit is for waterborne fluids, and is perfect for all types of heavy viscosity materials such as latex, vinyls, epoxies gel coats, and adhesives applications. Outfit includes pressure tank with regulators and gauges, 2100 spray gun, 25 ft. each of air and fluid hose with connections, 15 ft. of air compressor hose with connections.

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Airless 75 (7500) PSI Manual Spray Guns

The Airless 75 (7500 PSI) Airless spray gun is complete with forged aluminum and features a thick-walled stainless steel fluid tube that is compatible with high solids and abrasive industrial materials. The exclusive needle design was engineered to keep the spring out of the fluid’s path. With almost any coating, from stain to zinc, the Binks Airless 75 is a high production spray gun that delivers a quality finish.

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