MX Series Heavy Duty Pumps

Newly engineered high pressure pumps for airless and air assist airless applications of epoxies, urethanes, high solids materials, roof coatings, and other difficult-to-spray materials. The MX Series Pumps are designed to operate at longer intervals in between repairs which lessons the overall cost of ownership. Recommended materials
  •     Solvent coatings
  •     Waterborne coatings
  •     Zinc Rich Primers and paints
  •     Cold tar epoxies
  •     High solids epoxies and urethanes
  •     Plural component enamels and polyurethanes
  •     And many others
Typical applications
  •     Corrosion protection
  •     Steel fabrications and structures
  •     Pipe and storage tank
  •     Marine and ship building
  •     Off-road vehicles
  •     Truck, bus, trailer, railcar, and chassis manufacturers