Graco SaniForce BES Bin Unloaders

The BES Bin Unloader efficiently unloads moderately flow-able to non-flowing fluids from 300 gallon “bag-in-bin” containers without dilution. This solution vastly improves the ergonomics and efficiency of a system by eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping and minimizing residual waste. The typical materials handled by the BES include tomato paste, light peanut butter, heavier ointments, icings and frostings. BES Bin Unloaders are available with either electronic or manual control options. See how the BES Bin Unloader works here. Design Features
  • Available in two or four pump configurations
  • Pumps, cylinders and ram plates are 316 SST
  • Available with piston or diaphragm pump configurations to handle a wide range of material and viscosities
  • Equipped with inflatable wiper seals for increased efficiency, less residual waste and faster bin change out
  • Unique floating ram plate eliminates the need for exact positioning of bin under ram plate
  • Evacuation rates with standard 2 pump systems range from 28 GPM to 200 GPM