Graco SaniForce 2:1 Sanitary Piston Pump

Graco’s SaniForce 2:1 Sanitary Piston Pump is an extremely portable, quick-knockdown sanitary piston pump for food and personal care applications. It utilizes proven Graco air-motor technology to easily transfer low to medium viscosity materials up to 50,000 cps out of drums and totes. Common applications include fruit juice concentrates, creamy candy fillings, ice cream variegate and cosmetics. Design Features
  • Flow rates range from 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) at 60 CPM to 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) at 100 CPM
  • Very portable, weighing 24 lb. (10.8 kg) at drum length and 26 lb. (11.7 kg) at tote length
  • Quick disconnect clamps for easy disassembly
  • Fluid transfer and supply of materials up to 50,000 cps
  • Removable, wash-down-safe, FDA-compliant shroud for easy access to air valve
  • Simple knuckle joint design for easy removal of air motor
  • Pump fits through standard bung hole
  • FDA-compliant bung adapter accessory available for easy mounting