With a history of excellence, Col-Met has emerged as a market leader in engineered finishing solutions for the automotive, industrial, woodworking, truck and large equipment markets. All of Col-Met booths, ovens, and inline conveyor washers are optimized to deliver a clean, safe, and more productive working environment. C.H. Reed finishing specialists will work with you and help you choose the right booth configuration that aligns with the goals and objectives of your facility. Our goal is to help you decrease your costs and increase your profits associated with your finishing process.

Col-Met Paint Booths

Col-Met Paint Booths are engineered to deliver a clean, safe, and productive working environment while decreasing production costs and increasing profits. Click to browse through the different booth configurations Col-Met offers for the Industrial, Truck & Large Equipment, and Automotive marketplaces.

Col-Met Ovens

Col-Met’s commitment to superior quality and exceptional performance has positioned them as an industry leader in batch and process ovens. The innovative design and craftsmanship that goes into their ovens can be tailored to meet the varying requirements of consumer’s needs. From big, heavy equipment ovens to small batch needs, Col-Met is known for providing top quality, engineered finishing solutions that get the job done.